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Complexity Culminates in Consciousness

• Complexity culminates in consciousness •

Some would say that human self-awareness is the result of multiple layers of complex systems interacting in a coordinated pattern. Or that while the individual components- like cells of the body - may not be self-aware, the ultimate culmination of their function results in self-awareness.

The brain only makes us conscious because all the complex cell systems develop pathways for electric signals that ultimately make us self-aware.

And maybe this is true and maybe not. But if this logic is extended on greater scale, then either the planet we live on is a type of self-aware intelligence too, or it is a mindless component inside a greater Being. In either case: We are the mindless components within both galactic systems.

And further, if consciousness is the inevitable result of complexity, then the Universe - or the Multiverse if you prefer - are both intelligent Beings. They could only be described as deities of a nature that few people have thoroughly contemplated.

And why would we? We’re just cells in the body.

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