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Anything and everything between. 

Formed in 2010 with intentions

of exploration...

to get in between the boundaries of musical genre

and to find something new

and previously unencountered... 

"You know how those UF lab scientists hybridize plant specimens? Well, Between Bluffs are musicians who do the same thing but with roots of the fun, folksy, country kind." -Julie Garisto – Creative Loafing

“The group’s debut CD, Mountain Nearing, is a catchy and earthy blend of alt-country, folk, jazz, pop, modern rock and, on songs like Two Lovers and Row Your Boat, more than a little ska and reggae. But make no mistake, the trio is more Blue Ridge than 2 Tone — there’s an adventurous, soaring country-folk influence across the board.” – TBT Soundcheck

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